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Searching for greener pastures

We all love to travel; pack our bags and go to new places. Time comes and you feel you’re tired of being in the same place, you want to experience new: new things, new people, new environments. While some travel for fun, others out of boredom and curiosity, there are those who travel in search for greener pastures and Better education. “The grass is always greener at the other side”, but is it always the case? we’ll find out.

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Moving to a new place for work;

Its in human nature to not be content, to always want more and search for more. This is okay, we are always told by motivational speakers to never settle for less, besides, we have dreams and goals. So in the search for more and better, you hear of a “Better job”, in another country, not really far from your own, and boom you say, why not?

Preparing to travel

Before you travel you should prepare. Many of us don’t, or we think we do but in actual sense we don’t. Preparation isn’t only about packing a suit case with things you will need for your trip, having your passport ready and ticket. Its more than that, a little research about where you are going is key. Get full details of where you are going and what to expect; never ignore things like food, and the weather.

What happens if you travel and find out that the grass is not greener like you thought?

Embrace change and the new things, its not always 100% bad. There are always good things so focus on those.

If you feel nostalgic, find places and people that remind you of your home place. You can never be the only one from your country in a foreign country. There’s always someone you can relate with.

Remind your self over and over again the reason why you travelled. It will always get you back on track, improve your focus and motivate you to keep going.

Discover new places, make friends, and travel as much as you can. Staying in one place and having the same routine only makes you sad and bored.

Dedicated to foreign students in Rwanda who are finding it hard to cope with the environment.

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