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Rwandans should support their own music

If you have been to a club, party or any event where music is played; most of the time ‘foreign’ music takes the highest percentage on the playlist not because there are no local artistes with good music, but because DJ’s claim to be playing the ‘people’s favorites’ which in this case is music from across the boarders.

Nkuruzinza Abdallah aka DJ Dallas however has a different opinion. In an interview with him, he said that DJ’s have a role of making local music known to the people.

In the beginning, I used to think only 20% of Rwandans listen to local music; only to discover later on that more than 68% appreciated local talent. From then onwards, I play more of Rwandan music than international music, It is our role as DJ’s to make the people love and appreciate Rwandan music“, he said.

A DJ since 2018, Dallas’ passion for the profession was born while he was in high school and since then, he embarked on gaining training from different DJ’s as well as attending music schools in Rwanda.

Describing his style as ‘unique’, DJ Dallas wants to have more shows in the next five years not only in Rwanda, but across continents both as a DJ and an Actor. He also hopes to help more people achieve their dreams through his philanthropist work.

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