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When Life gives you lemons…

So often, if not all the time, society wants to define us by dictating how we should look, dress, talk, act, among other things. It requires a special form of energy and strength for one to pay a deaf ear to all the “should be’s” of those around us. Unfortunately, not so many can: I mean, we have two ears…how then can one not hear the noises of the “Holy Molly’s” when they start to sing their songs of judgement?

Even with countless cases of depression as a result of bullying and body shaming, not to mention suicide, some humans just can’t find it in themselves to not comment negatively on one’s looks and appearance in their faces.

Bless the Lord for the people who defy the odds and keep shining regardless the amount of shade people paint them with, we see you and appreciate you. May you continue to make tasty lemonade out of all the lemons life brings your way.

Gikundiro Deborah is one of the few people who despite what people said about her appearance, she stayed positive. The 23 year old who was born as a heavy child says people would always ask if she was okay with carrying all the weight she has, motorcycle riders also never made it easy as they could always charge extra because of her weight.

Born in a family of six, Deborah says although her size is a family trait, she wants to be different not because of what people said but for her own well being. In 2020, Deborah joined slim and fit Rwanda: A weight loss and wellness center whose mandate is to educate, inspire and support women and girls into healthier lifestyles as a way of losing weight and fighting obesity.

Before joining the program, Deborah weighed 167 kgs and in a period of six months, she lost 27 kgs getting down to 140 kgs.”I’m so grateful to slim and fit for this journey, its not an easy one as it requires you to do a lot of sports, watch your diet and commitment but one thing I’ve learnt is if you want something, you can get it as long as you’re disciplined and determined.”

Because of her charming and calm character, Deborah comes off lovable by those around her something that not only won her the crown for miss popularity Slim and Fit 2022 but she was also voted students representative for Mount Kigali Hostel even though she never contested.

Gikundiro Deborah after being crowned Miss popularity Slim and Fit

“Being a leader is not something you choose yourself but its a gift from God and so am grateful to him and to those who believed in me and saw me fit and capable of being their leader”, she said.

Currently pursuing a Bachelors Degree in Hospitality and Tourism at Mount Kenya University Rwanda, upon completion; Deborah wants to start her own catering business as a way of improving on her career.

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