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MKUR Journalism students mentored on essential video editing Skills

15 Journalism students from Mount Kigali University benefited from a five-days training on video editing using adobe premiere pro by experienced TV Producer Jerome Mugabo. The training is part of outcome 3 for professionalizing journalism training in Rwanda under Rwanda Media Programme(RMP) sponsored by FOJO in partnership with Mount Kigali University.

Mr Jerome Mugabo TV Producer, Screen Writer & Managing Director at Ishusho TV mentoring MKUR Students on Video editing.

From 6th to 10th November 2023, a video editing tutoring with 15 students was conducted within the newly Mount Kigali University premises that was organized and funded by Rwanda Media Programme and Fojo media institute which incorporated a guest speaker/ lecturer Mr Mugabo Jerome a managing director at Ishusho TV which is a media house operating in Rwanda and he is also a TV producer, Director, screen writer and a voice over artist in the creative industry. In addition, to video editing skills students were guided on the requirement of a standard Television story which they produced as an assessment for the training.

The normal standard time of TV story is one minute thirty seconds.” Said Mr. Jerome to the students.

As part of the main aims of RMP, Is strengthening journalism education in Rwanda and enhance its contribution to the professionalizing of the journalism sector. This came as an appropriate chance for students to learn and master the basics of video editing which plays a crucial role in their profession and daily endeavors in content creation.

Journalism students from left to right, Jeanette Kawera, Safa Claudia and Emelise Uwase during the video editing sessions

Among the areas that were strongly emphasized on included creating texts which may comprise titles or subtitles and crawling texts, organizing your works on a split screen, color correction and grading, and the guest lecturer emphasized the need to create compelling video content, meeting deadlines and being audience oriented as the only way to draw public attention to your artwork as a content creator .

Mutoni Reine and Manzi Titus fully focused on completing their projects during the training.

By the end of the fifth day of the training, most of the students who had participated said that they were well contented with what was availed to them through the course of the week trainings and met their career aspirations.

Manzi Titus in his second year was heard asking a friend Mutoni Reine in the same year that , ” how far would we really be able to go without these editing skills in this highly demanding and multitasking field of journalism ?”

Uwase Emelise putting into action what was taught to her after the day’s lecture.

The training sessions were officially ended in the presence of the head of department of Mass communication, Mr Festus Irungu with presentations of student’s projects they had worked on during the trainings. He extended his gratitude to all the participants who had turned up and assured a continued support and partnership with Rwanda Media Programme.

RMP has planned other mentorship training ranging from gender and media to live reporting with both local and internal expert mentors guiding the students.

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