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Like father like son

As a child, Nesta’s dream was to be a soldier, not until 2015 during his high school that he developed love for his fathers career: ‘photography’ despite the challenges his father encountered while at his work.

From Nyabisindu village-Muhanga district is where Nesta’s father had to come from all the way to Kigali to do his business something Nesta considered tiring.

Fortunately, they moved to Kigali in 2009 while Nesta was in primary four(P.4) and the load lessened.

During his second year in high school, he picked interest in the father’s career who also begun to give him lessons both in graphic designing and photography although he enjoyed the former more.

In 2017, the father took him for a short term vocational training in photography under the ‘National Employment Program’ at the private sector Federation hosted by the German co-operation from where he gained interest in photography.

There after, with his father’s camera, Nesta started taking photos of buildings in town, organizing street photos of fellow children whom he charged between 100frw-500frw.

With a vision to have his own camera and photo studio, Nesta saved part of his earnings and after a while, he was able to buy his own camera.

Two years down the road, his skills had greatly improved and he started going for wedding shoots, baptism parties, birthday parties and all kinds of ceremonies.

Nesta vows not to give up until he accomplishes all his dreams.


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