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Learn by working, work by learning: Janvier Nyandamu-CEO ROKO construction company

At age 33, Janvier Nyandamu employs over 300 people who he also trains to be creative so that they also hire people and not only be hired.

The CEO and Co-founder ROKO construction company graduated in 2013 with a Bachelors Degree in Civil engineering from ‘National University of Rwanda’ with a dream to be a job creator not a job seeker.

Those close to him including the ones he graduated with discouraged him every time he mentioned his plans for the future but he never gave in.

He took the risk, got out of his comfort zone and with the little he had at the moment, chased after the dream that was keeping him awake for nights: beginning a construction company.

In 2015, Janvier got his first big project with ‘Kigali Marriott Rwanda’ to finish the construction of the hotel. He did a wonderful job and since then, his construction company has been contracted to build most of the prestigious buildings in the city.

To the young people, Janvier urges them to not ‘learn with anticipation of getting hired by others, but instead be creative and start their own companies’.

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