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“Kigali Titans’ Remarkable Ascent: From Division 2 to Division 1 Champions”

In the bustling world of Rwandan basketball, there’s a story that continues to inspire and captivate the hearts of sports enthusiasts and fans alike – the journey of the Kigali Titans. Founded in 2022 by the passionate Eugene Rubonera, who now serves as the team’s president, the Kigali Titans had a singular goal from the outset: to climb from Division 2 (D2) to the illustrious Division 1 (D1).

Kigali  Titan’s President Rubonera Eugene with his wife

Their odyssey began with humble steps, but their determination was unwavering. In the early stages, they managed to secure two significant victories that set the tone for their ascent. First, they claimed the Pre-Season title by edging out the formidable Flame BBC basketball team with a thrilling score of 85-42 and 81-40 in all two matches they played. This victory injected them with confidence and propelled them further. During the Regular Season, they were an indomitable force, remaining undefeated in every single match. Their dominance culminated in a triumph against the talented Orion  basketball team in the final with 65-64 points, solidifying their status as Regular Season champions.

Kigali Titans after winning Regular Season Trophy

These accomplishments did not go unnoticed, and as a result, the Kigali Titans were granted the much-coveted promotion to Division 1. In these two seasons, Elias Cave emerged as the standout player, amassing an impressive number of points and ultimately being crowned the MVP of the Regular Season.

Looking back on this journey, Karima Cyrille, the coach of the Kigali Titans, remarked, “In 2023, we played the Championship as we were promoted, and all we wished for was to have the best season. We achieved it, securing the fifth position among the 12 formidable teams in the competition.”

Elias Cave the Regular Season Championship MVP with coach Karima Cyrille

Ishimwe Prince, a devoted fan of the Kigali Titans, expressed his excitement, saying, “It was incredible to see this new, emerging team secure the fifth position in D1. We didn’t expect it, but it showed us that with hard work, anything is possible. This has made us believe that in the next Championship season, the team will hoist the trophy high.”

Ishimwe Prince at the right side with his friend Rwema Chistian Kigali Titans player between them

Rwema Christian, one of the key players for the Kigali Titans, shared the secret behind their success. “We worked tirelessly, always keeping our main goal in mind: having the best season. Next year, we aim to bring the championship trophy home. We’ve gained valuable experience playing against different teams, learning from our successes and mistakes.”

In addition to team success, Christian also harbors personal ambitions. “I personally wish to play for the national basketball team and become a great international basketball player,” he added with determination in his voice”.

Rwema Christian Kigali Titans player

The Kigali Titans basketball team’s rapid ascent from Division 2 to Division 1 is a testament to their unwavering dedication and hard work. Their story serves as an inspiration to emerging sports teams, reminding us all that with a clear vision, relentless effort, and unshakeable belief, dreams can indeed become a reality in the world of sports.

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