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I believed in me when my parents didn’t

Tough is a journey you travel all by yourself; with no one to give you hope or encouragement. Of course not everyone will always support you while you do life and that’s okay; more so if its the so called ‘friends’.

It hits different though when it is your ‘own’: family to be specific. Shema-Art real names Shema Alain started drawing as a young boy. He used to draw pictures of different things just for fun and to pass time.

The drawings however always turned out ‘perfect’ that he considered being an artist something his parents didn’t welcome. During the interview, Shema declined talking more about the issue but you could tell he was hurt.

By that time, if I had the support of my parents I would be far, a lot was happening but it was difficult to even show people that something was wrong“, Shema said.

It was during the pandemic(COVID-19) that Shema decided to work hard on his art and in 2020, he turned the hobby into a career.

So far, things haven’t yet turned out well for the artist who says people ‘despise’ his work and don’t want to pay enough for it claiming its just pencil drawings that don’t require a lot of capital.

Regardless, Shema is happy that he is self-employed and encourages the youth to go for job creation and not job seeking for the future strength of the Nation.

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