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Graphic designing for the love of art

Using visual and textual communication to pass on a certain message

When it comes to creating job opportunities, we have to give it up to the Rwandan youth. With just a desire and drive in their hearts, they are turning passion into employment.

Bugas Hane Mardochee is one of those youths who at only 24 years of age turned his love for art into an income generating business.

In 2016, from just watching YouTube tutorials, Hane started putting what he was seeing into practice by designing logos, banners, sign posts, posters, and other kinds of graphic materials.

Bugas Hane Mardochee-Graphic designer

The field required him to take photography lessons and with the help of his friend, he learnt basic skills on how to use a camera which with practice he developed to get to where he is now.

Finding projects to work on was Bugas’ biggest challenge when starting graphic designing but through talking to different graphic designers and asking for connections, the problem was solved.

For someone to find projects to work on they need to be known by ‘important people’ because they are the ones with the projects“. He said

Through hard work, sleepless nights, patience, and creativity, Bugas has been able to work with companies like; ‘Eazy’, ‘Zandoonline’ and currently ‘Jobin Rwanda’.

Design by Bugas
Poster by Bugas
One of Bugas’ project

When asked what it requires for one out there to start up such a venture besides just knowing people and watching YouTube tutorials, Bugas said “starting this career doesn’t require a large capital; with just a computer, one can get to work“.

Much as Graphic designing may not be that known to many Rwandans, the self employed Bugas urges the youth especially those with talent in art to take it as a serious career path because there are a lot of benefits.

One can really earn big through graphic designing as long as they put in the hard work and are committed“, he noted.

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