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From employee to employer by God’s grace

Being an entrepreneur requires faith and allowing God’s into your business because when investing, you never know what the outcome will be“, Bizimana Lambert-CEO ‘Answer collection’.

Having worked for other people for 5 years, Lambert made one of the hardest decisions in his life and decided to employ himself.

In 2020, with the experience he had acquired in making shoes, wallets and handbags, he decided to start ‘answer collections’ a manufacturing company of ‘Made in Rwanda’ products.

His decision however didn’t come easy as he was faced with numerous challenges.

“Customers brand our products expensive but it is not our intention to price them highly, raw materials themselves are expensive which makes the final product expensive”, Lambert notes.

Nonetheless, with producing quality products and patience, Lambert doesn’t regret the step he took.

Starting a business doesn’t require huge amounts of money, loving what you do and having a goal is all it takes to get the job done.

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