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“Conquering the Heights: The Rise of Mount Kenya Rwanda’s Football Dreams.”

“The university fields have witnessed the birth of legends, memorable feats, and an unquenchable passion for football. Today, we invite you to step into the thrilling world of our prestigious university’s football team. Through this exclusive interview, dive into the heart of the team, discover the dreams, the bonds that unite them, and the challenges they face to make their mark on the history of college sports”.

Eric Nyasani, the coach of the Mount Kenya University Rwanda football team

Eric Nyasani, the coach of the Mount Kenya University Rwanda football team, shared his key objectives: “Our goal is to develop our players in terms of technique, tactics, and mentality.” He highlighted the origin of their team: “It was created by football enthusiasts who wanted to train together and play friendly matches.” He explained their approach to training: “We train two to three times a week and vary the exercises to stimulate our players’ learning.”

He also discussed match preparation: “During the season, we have two matches per week, and we prepare each match by analyzing our opponents and implementing an appropriate strategy.”

Eric mentioned the challenge of maintaining a strong team spirit: “The biggest challenge is to encourage each player to give their best while remaining positive and constructive.” He added, “We also have to manage injuries, absences, and tactical changes during matches.”  Finally, he emphasized the importance of trust within the team: “We aim to create an atmosphere of trust, not only between the players and the coach but also among the players themselves, by adapting to each individual’s needs to help them progress in their game.”

Moïse NGOUBILI, a key player in the Mount Kenya University Rwanda football team

Moïse NGOUBILI, a key player in the Mount Kenya University Rwanda football team, shared his experiences: “I joined this team two years ago, and I must say I feel very well integrated. The other players welcomed me warmly, and I quickly found my place on the field. We are a very close-knit team, which made my integration easy.”

Moïse plays as an attacking midfielder (number 10) and enjoys his role: “It’s a position I particularly like, and I’m proud to help the team move forward and score goals. My personal goal for this season is to continue improving, both in terms of technique and tactics.” He described their training routine: “We have training sessions two to three times a week, mainly on Tuesdays and Thursdays, sometimes on Fridays. We focus on exercises related to game tactics and muscle strengthening. Before a match, we study the opposing team and define a game strategy tailored to their strengths and weaknesses. We also prepare mentally by visualizing possible game scenarios and boosting our confidence.”

Moïse mentioned their upcoming match against Carnegie Mellon University Africa: “We approach this match with humility and respect for the opposing team. We know it will be a tough game, but we’re ready to fight and give our best on the field. Our goal is to win, but we understand the importance of focus and discipline.”

He emphasized the team’s atmosphere and cohesion: “What I love about this team is the working atmosphere and the unity on and off the field. We are a group of very supportive players who help each other. We also have some exciting technical and physical qualities, allowing us to play a fast and precise game.”

Moïse invited everyone to attend the Mount Kenya University Rwanda vs. Carnegie Mellon University Africa match.

Moïse invited everyone to attend the Mount Kenya University Rwanda vs. Carnegie Mellon University Africa match: “Join us for this event on Saturday, October 14th, from 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM at the Kigali Sports Circle.”

Ethoughe Yophel Ricklain, an enthusiastic supporter

As an enthusiastic supporter, Ethoughe Yophel Ricklain expresses his pride in the team, applauding its strength and talent. He highlights the team’s fighting spirit and unity among the players, emphasizing how it manifests on the field with an enjoyable and offensive style of play. He particularly appreciates the tactical discipline, organization, ball possession, and goal-scoring opportunities. He underscores the diversity in age and talent within the team and envisions a promising future with a blend of young talents and experienced players.

Ethoughe Yophel Ricklain states, “We have a strong and talented team capable of playing top-level football.” He adds, “We have players who are ready to fight until the end to achieve their goals and are highly united in their efforts.” He emphasizes the significance of tactical discipline and organization on the field, as well as the mix of ages and talents within the team. He is confident about the future and hopes for significant victories to come.

The whole team of Mount Kenya Rwanda ready to compete in the match.

“During this interview, we had the privilege of delving into the exci;ng world of our university’s football team, discovering inspiring stories and determined ambi;ons that drive these athletes. Their dedica;on, hard work, and passion for the game are truly admirable, and they embody the spirit of unity and perseverance that fuels our team. As we step away from this conversa;on, let’s remember that sports have the power to transcend boundaries and forge unbreakable bonds. Let’s con;nue to support them in their achievements and celebrate every victory on the field, for it is in this way that legends are born. We extend our warm thanks to Moïse NGOUBILI and the entre team for their shared ;me and passion.”

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