Ben Affleck to release a movie about “Air Jordan” shoes

Benjamin Geza Affleck known in the movie as ‘Ben Affleck’ is set to release a movie portraying the history of the production of ‘Air Jordan’ shoes. Titled ‘Air’, the movie is directed by Affleck and written by Alex Convery; it tells the story of Nike’s pursuit to sign Michael Jordan and rescue the shoe and […]

Cracking the Rwandan film industry at a young age

Producing blockbuster movies that would compete nation wide and internationally was Gahanzi Kenan’s dream. During the pandemic(COVID-19), he produced his first movie titled ‘SORROW THE BEGINNINIG’ a short movie about a nineteen year old addict who lost his family in a car accident. The success of ‘sorrow the beginning’ motivated Kenan to work on another […]

Movie Review: The Man from Toronto

Initially released on the 24th of June 2022, the plot follows a case of mistaken identity forcing a bumbling entrepreneur to team up with a notorious assassin in hopes of staying alive. Starring Kevin Hart a comedic genius and Woody Harrelson a mid comedian, the movie is pretty funny in my opinion, the incorporation of […]