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Born to be a ‘fashion designer’

Its true we shouldn’t always give in to peer pressure of what people say about us although sometimes, a word of encouragement from a friend or loved one is all we need to go after our dream.

Igihozo Ntaganira during her early age was always reassured by her peers that she could be a model and with time, she gave in to the pressure and took part in some modeling and beauty pageant competitions.

Even though modeling didn’t work out for her, Igihozo resorted to something related to modeling: fashion designing drawing inspiration from her body which according to her friends, is ‘well endowed’.

With time, Igihozo’s designs caught the attention of many and before she could realize it, money started coming in.

At 22 years old, she has set up her own fashion designing brand and she’s an ambassador for many companies.

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