FPR ‘Inkotanyi’ celebrates 35 years of Productive service

On 2nd, April, 2023 in Intare arena at Rusororo, Rwanda Patriotic Front(RPF) celebrated its 35th anniversary and elected new leaders where H.E Paul Kagame retained his seat as party chairman. Background of RPF Following the overthrow of Idi Amin in 1979, the Tutsi refugee intelligentsia in Uganda set up the region’s first political refugee organization: […]

Kigali: Residents not happy with the daily rain down pour

Despite the warm temperatures during the early months of 2023 which had many coming up with different memes on social media telling the sun to ‘stop showing off’, not many In Kigali are happy either with the rain. As we approached the last days of February, the heavens ‘blessed’ us with rain, however, just like […]

Amapiano creator “Costa Titch” dies during performance

Well known for his ‘Amapiano’ melody, Costantino Tsobanoglou aka Costa Titch passed away on 11th, March, 2023 while performing at the Ultra South Africa festival in Johannesburg. Biography Costantino Tsobanoglou was born in 1995 in Nelspruit, Mpumalanga-South Africa. He started off as a dancer before breaking through to the musical scene with his hit song […]

What to know about FIFA President Giovanni Vincenzo

Giovanni Vincenzo ‘Gianni’ is the 10th and current president of FIFA; he was first elected to office in February, 2016 during the FIFA Extra ordinary Congress, was re-elected in June 2019 and March, 2023. Born on 23, March, 1970 to Italian immigrant parents from Calabria and Lombardy in Switzerland, Giovanni studied Law at ‘University of […]