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Kigali: Residents not happy with the daily rain down pour

Despite the warm temperatures during the early months of 2023 which had many coming up with different memes on social media telling the sun to ‘stop showing off’, not many In Kigali are happy either with the rain.

As we approached the last days of February, the heavens ‘blessed’ us with rain, however, just like the sun, it ‘showed’ off too to most people’s annoyance.

In Kicukiro district, motorists are not happy with the timing of the rain. Ronald(not real names) said, “In the morning is when we get most customers as workers and students are rushing to their respective destinations, the same thing applies in the evening, but this is when the rain decides to pour which hinders our movements incurring a loss to us yet we have bills to meet on a daily and monthly basis“.

In Gasabo district, Jabana sector, residents there are also not happy with the heavy rains as many have been left homeless and hungry after their houses and farms were washed away by the floods.

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