Our families discouraged us but we didn’t listen to them

Irene and Maria are two best friends who had a passion to start up a business together. When they shared the idea with their family’s, they were disouraged but they decided to pay a deaf ear to them. Both friends came up with 150,000frw, paid rent for the shop and also bought a few pairs […]

Rwandan Priest appointed as new Bishop of the Roman Catholic Diocese

Jean-Marie Vianney Twagirayezu is the new Bishop of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Kibungo after being appointed by Pope Francis announced Rwanda Episcopal Conference on 20th, February, 2023. He is replacing Cardinal Antione Kambanda who has been in charge of Kibungo diocese that serves over 398,700 catholics and over seeing the whole Catholic church in […]

Always upgrade yourself

Despite the fact that he was already into the media industry, Manirakiza Manasseh a radio presenter at Radio Maria resolved to studying Media and Mass communication a decade later into the profession. Manasseh Manirakiza while in studio All through his childhood, Manasseh wanted to be a journalist but practicing it professionally hence the “return to […]