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APR WVC and REG VC win Rwanda National Heroes Day Volleyball tournament

APR Women’s volleyball team and REG men’s volleyball team are this year’s champions of the Heroes day tournament held at Kimisagara.

The matches were played at Kimisagara Indoor Gymnasium on the 28th and 29th of January 2023. The APR Women Volleyball Club (APR WVC) and Rwanda Energy Group Volleyball Club (REG VBC) emerged winners of the Rwanda National Heroes day tournament after beating Gisagara Volleyball Club (GVC) and Forefront Women Volleyball Club (FFWVC) respectively in the finals.

Rwanda Energy Group Volleyball Club (REG VC)- Winners 2023 Rwanda National Heroes Day Volleyball Tournament
APR WVC (Armee Partriotique Rwandaise Women Volleyball Club)- Winners 2023 women Rwanda National Heroes Day tournament

Held to mark National Heroes Day in Rwanda that is celebrated every 1st of February. The two day tournament was organized by Rwanda Volleyball Federation (FRVB) in partnership with Chancellor of Heroes and Nation Order (CHNO) in which eight volleyball teams: four men and four women teams took part.

The men’s teams included: REG VC, GVC, APR VC, and FFM VC (Forefront Men’s Volleyball Club) while playing from the ladies’ side was: APR WVC, FFW VC, RRA VC (Rwanda Revenue Authority Volleyball Club), and Ruhango Volleyball Club (RVC).

Gisagara Volleyball Club male players
Forefront Men’s Volleyball club-came in 3rd position
Gisagara Volleyball Club male players during the tournament
Forefront Women Volleyball Club-came in second position winning zinc medals
Gisagara Volleyball Club (GVC)

Overall winners for the tournament were: APR WVC coming up in first place, walking away with a trophy and golden medals, FFWVC in 2nd place and RRAVC in 3rd place both taking home zinc medals and gifts.

REG VC won the men’s volleyball team and just like the women, they also took home gold medals and a trophy while GVC and FFMVC came in 2nd and 3rd position respectively taking home silver and bronze medals.

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