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Young and Innovative

At the age of eleven, Yara Bigourd, Yelena Bigourd and Alyssa Essone are well-known figures in the digital world.

The girls rose to fame after their coding ability gave birth to a cyber security mobile application known as ‘YAY’ which promotes awareness of ‘cyber security’ and the danger of the internet to teenagers.

Coding is the process of using a programming language to give your computer commands to do exactly what you want it to do.

The invention of the application has seen the girls win the role of Ambassador to UNICEF Gabon as well as other organizations.

In addition, they won the ‘Coup de Coeur’ prize in the National digital talent contest organized by the ‘Blanc Cristal Agency’, supported by Airtel and UNICEF in 2021 to mark the ‘International day of the African child’.

Further more, a prize of ten million francs(10,000,000) was rewarded to them for the success of their sale in several French-speaking system establishments.

The trio is currently targeting the English- speaking sector to promote the sale of their application.

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