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What to know about MKUR’s first female Guild president

Following intense campaigning and majority voting, Mount Kigali University Rwanda (MKUR) acquired its first female Guild president.

Florence Kudembe was voted MKUR’s Guild president on 26th,September, 2023, in a competitive election with counterparts: Shyaka Samuel and Murenzi Ronald.

She took oath of office on 10th, October, 2023, and started her duties with immediate effect, serving alongside: Esther Nyemanzi Gloria as Vice Guild President, Enoch Mugisha as Sports Minister, Olivier Ibishimirwe-Social Welfare Minister, Talik Sano Shawn- Finance Minister, Mayda Shaban for Secretary General duties, and Abraham Famanou as International Student’s representative.

Florence’s background

Born and raised in Uganda, Florence hails from a family of eight children, where she is the second born and first daughter.

Her education journey started at St.Joseph’s primary school, and later Sacred Heart Secondary School and Cleveland High School for her Ordinary (O) and Advanced (A) level studies respectively.

Upon completion of her secondary studies, Florence applied for a course in ‘Communication’ at Makerere University-Kampala, however, she was enrolled for a course in ‘Psychology’ which she never declined, because the institute was her ‘dream university’.

Moving to Rwanda

In 2015, Florence moved to Rwanda a journey that was induced by ‘love’. “My husband is the reason I came to Rwanda”, she said in an exclusive interview with our editor.

Pursuing the ‘Communication’ dream

After a period of eight years, Florence’s supportive husband suggested she re-embarks on her education journey. Having studied ‘Psychology’ at Makerere university, she found it fit to do the same even in Rwanda.

However, as a wife and mother, she couldn’t enroll for the same, because the only university that offered the course, was situated in Huye district, miles away from her marital home in Kigali.

Together with the ‘love of her life’, they went on a ‘hunt’ for a suitable university within their locality and alas, MKUR was their found ‘treasure’, brimming with both strategic location and Florence’s dream course (Media and Mass Communication).

Present day, Florence is a third year student at MKUR, pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Media and Mass Communication (BMMC), a course she is greatly excelling at according to her lecturers.


When asked to describe herself, madam Guild president said, “Naturally, I am a zealous person, once I choose to do something, I do it with all my heart and on time”.

On the side of motivation, Florence quotes “Life is what you make it”, stressing that no one can create a life for the other, because if they do, they control them in the end.

Ultimately, MKUR’s first Guild President is a staunch member of ‘team JK’ affiliated to H.E Jeannette Kagame, the first lady of Rwanda.

“What moves the first lady to act as the chairperson of Imbuto Foundation and Unity Club, is exactly what moves my heart”, Florence remarked, adding that her dream is to build a foundation that takes care of and educates homeless children.

Although she comes off as a ‘forever smiling’ charm, Florence’s temper can rise from ‘happy’ to ‘life in prison’ when disrespected. The mother of two says she dislikes disrespect with a passion because she was taught to respect seniors, elders, and everyone in their capacities.

On the brighter side, she is a loving and caring person who is always looking out for her loved ones.

Additionally, she is a very religious and prayerful christian, with her favorite Bible verse extracted from the book of Ephesians 3:20.

Furthermore, she loves cooking, and her favorite food is; rice, fries, matooke(green bananas), chicken, beef stew, and goat ribs.

During her leisure time, Florence loves browsing the internet for latest news and information.

As a Guild President

Florence’s manifesto was themed “Your Voice, Your Guild, My Leadership”, a slogan she says “is a commitment to the principle’s that will guide her tenure as a leader emphasising that when she embarked on that journey, she did so with a profound belief in the power of unity and collaboration.

Future plans

Besides being a news anchor, Florence wants to be a teacher of ‘Journalism’ and ‘Communication’ after school.

“I want to see myself using my skills and knowledge in a productive way that is of service to those around me”, she explained.

Left-Robert Rukikira(former Guild president MKUR) and right-Madam Florence Kudembe(Current Guild President MKUR)

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