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Using a camera to capture iconic moments

What does photography mean to you? Taking iconic photos goes beyond just using  camera to capture a moment.  I state this from an Experience I got when taking the following photos.

Documentary photography;

The idea of a dirty city doesn’t leave us indifferent and there are even those who make the sidewalks cleaning, an indicator of good governance: if the dirt spreads on the streets then something on the high places doesn’t work.

Street photography;

Street photography is a type of photography that captures daily life in public places. It is the art of capturing spontaneous moments and unique perspectives of the cityscape through the lens of a camera.

10 am in kigali streets roads are quite busy compared in the afternoon,  due to the working hours that locks people in doors .

Still life photography;

Still life photography can be a powerful art form and it shows the simple truth of everyday objects.

LANDSCAPE photography

From grand landscapes to intimate details, the best photos demonstrate the photographer’s own connection to nature and capture the essence of the world around them.

Here is the beautiful landscape view from mount Kigali University.

Portrait Photography;

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