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Capturing Moments from Every Angle: Explore the Diverse World of Frank Ndahiro’s Photography Portfolio

1. Street Photography

Street photography is considered as the easiest type because everyone can simply take a picture on streets while moving.

Here is one of the many examples and this image illustrates movement of cars on either sides of the road and indicates people moving towards their destinations

2. Aerial Photograph

Aerial photography is a hard type of photography, because its requires either a drone or a high place above to be able to capture an image from above as shown

I take it to be very beautiful since it can show an object fully from above.

3. Landscape Photography

This is the landscape type and this above image was taken from Mount Kenya University of Rwanda

This type mainly illustrates and shows how a certain area is formed and as we see the whole building with its partly play ground.

4. Product Photography

This is considered to be Product Photography. we chose this product because it’s one of the products on sale by one bike company stationed in Rwanda

As shown in the picture, it’s more than one product in it.

5. Advertisement Photography

Advertisement photography is also common since many organizations use this type of photography to introduce their products on market and this was taken at HAOJIN RWANDA.

as it indicates in the background, there are even promotion labels for their customers

6. Nature photography

Nature photography is all about bringing out the beauty of nature like this picture above taken from somewhere in Rwanda.

As it shows, beauty is all spoke out from the picture itself. It’s one of the best types of photography also to be practiced by photographer

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