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Twenty Academy Players Qualifies to play for Junior Police F.C

On Tuesday 26th September 2023 at IPRC Kigali stadium Police FC organized Talent detection event and with the help of Interforce they selected different athletes. The event started in the morning at 11:00 am and ended by 3:00 pm.

This talent hunt was organised by Interforce coachers and they invited different teams, these are: Kefa
academy, Shining football Academy, Dream Team Academy, and Dominators Football Academy. These
football teams brought their young talented boys of under 17, they played matches and the coaches were selecting best of the best in order to see who can join Interforce Juniors and others to join Police FC Juniors. Those who will join Police FC Junior will attend the juniors tournament in the coming months as FERWAFA demands the first division teams to do so.

As Kefa Academy head coach said that “this is a big opportunity for his players and added on that they have to work hard and try to behave well so that they can keep Progressing.”
Twenty players who won selections have an open chance because as the head coach of Interforce said that they will have an opportunity to play for Police F.C and not only Police F.C but also in any other big club here in and outside Rwanda and even playing as a Professional which can extend to play for national team (Amavubi) .

On the other hand, the selected have high hopes for playing in big leagues and to make their dreams comes true. As one of the selected player called HAKIZIMANA RACHID said that this is one of the biggest opportunity we have in our career and we have to take this as a serious platform for achieving our goals because we are ambitious and we have a lot to prove to everyone. Twenty players were selected and in these included 10 players from Kefa Academy, 5 players from shining, 4 players from dream team academy, and 1 player from dominators football academy. All of those players are supposed to start training together so that they can be well prepared for the competition.

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