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The Rwanda-Angola writer’s union

The management of the Writers’ Union in Rwanda has announced that it is going to interact with the one in Angola regarding the exchange of experience in writing in order to strengthen African unity.

The news was revealed on April 3, 2022, in a press conference that focused on the activities planned for the celebration of the 21st anniversary.

Leaders including; the Ambassador of Angola in Rwanda Dr. Eduardo Octavio, Dr. Richard Hategekimana and Dr. David Kepelenguela from the association of writers in Rwanda and Angola respectively, and re-known writer Dr. Francisco Queiroz were witnesses during the ‘agreement’.

The book ‘The Great Kassitur Empire in the Sekele Dynasty’ by Dr. Queiroz was launched during the conference and is expected to be published in Brazil, Portugal, Nigeria, among other countries.

The book was written in Portuguese in 2019/2020 and was published for the first time in December 2020 in Luanda, Angola.

In 2022, it was translated into English and published by Lavender Moon in South Africa.

For it to be published in Rwanda, the Angolan embassy in Rwanda, the association of writers from Angola among other authors were involved.

In the book, Dr. Queiroz emphasizes the need for Africans to strengthen unity and lasting peace as the main weapon to develop the continent.

The head of the writer’s union in Rwanda-Dr. Richard Hategekimana was delighted that the book was launched in Rwanda and he promised a higher cooperation between the writers from both countries.

“What we want is to expand our doors and work with authors from all over the world, he stated.

He further added that the Rwanda-Angola collaboration will empower the culture of reading and writing among Rwandan authors as they will be exchanging books with those from Angola.

The selection of April 3, 2023 as the date for the publication of the book in Rwanda is said to be historically related to a valuable day in Angola because it was the signing of the ceasefire agreement between the UNITA and MPLA parties.

“It is the day we reached peace; since then, our country has not returned to the civil wars that had been going on for almost 41 years”, said Dr. Queiroz.

The Ambassador of Angola in Rwanda, Dr. Eduardo Octávio, said that the purpose of this day is to strengthen peace not only in Angola, but it should be a principle for the whole of Africa so that it can achieve its goal of unity.

He further stressed that, “When it comes to strengthening peace, Africa should follow the example of Rwanda because it has been able to maintain peace even after a tragic history.

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