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The Inspiring Journey of a Basketball Player “MUHAYUMUKIZA Eric”

A professional Basketball player MUHAYUMUKIZA Eric in interview with Abubakar

MUHAYUMUKIZA Eric born on Jun 26,1995 in Karongi district, Rubengera sector in Rwanda. He is professional basketball player who plays as a small forward. In his personal life his father is called NGOMANZUNGU Martin, his mother is called NYIRABAHIRE Charlotte.

The beginning of the journey during 2018 in Rusizi Basketball Club

MUHAYUMUKIZA Eric began his senior career with Rusizi Basketball Club in 2018. He continued to continued to increase his level by helping the team to win many matches. After one year leaving Rusizi basketball club he joined IPRC Huye basketball club in 2019, He signed IPRC Huye basketball club where he became a good player, In 19 June 2021 he scored a game with 17+ points and picked six rebounds in one match.                         

During 2019 when Muhayumukiza Eric was in IPRC Huye Basketball Team

Because of His best performance in different matches Rwandan national coach Henry Mwinuka has given him call up in his national squad team during 2021 in Afro-basket qualifiers, and it was a first time for Eric to participate in serious competitions in Basketball.

During 2021, in Afro-basket qualifiers competitions

After two years he retired in IPRC Huye Basketball Club and he joined Espoire Basketball Club, where he is still now based and he continued to work hard. In 2023, He helped Espoir basketball club to get playoffs.

During 2023, Eric helped his team to get playoffs with high competitive hard work

Later Muhayumukiza Eric in 2023, he joined Atar games, because of his best performance and he was chosen as one of the best player in All-Star games. Muhayumukiza Eric is one of the bests in Rwandan Basketball Players.

Muhayumukiza Eric participating in All-Star Games

Coach Jean Claude HARERIMANA who is a current coach of Espoire Basketball Club told us that Eric is a good player with motive and his competitive playing is more beneficial to the team because he is the one who has helped the team this year and he is performing as the best in the Espoire team by continuing to raise his performance in the pitch.

Coach Jean Claude HARERIMANA who used to train Eric

We had a chance to took to NTWALI Valence, the Fan of Espoire Basketball Team who told us how he is highly inspired by the performance of Eric and he told us that he is very good player who is powerful in defense and good player when it comes to scoring many point. Since he has been improving his level and he helped Espoire last season to win the place to play in the playoffs.

NTWALI Valence, the Fan of Espoire Basketball Team

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