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The diverse nature of photography

Photography is wide but these are some of my favorite types of photography.

Nature photography;

I took this while on a walk around Kagarama sector, Kicukiro district in Rwanda. Nature has never been complete without the beauty of trees.

Portrait Photography
This type of photography is taken to capture the identity and personality of an individual.
The idea was to find a place with a beautiful background to be able to take this shot.

Real-Estate Photography;
The aim of this kind of photo was to show different estates around Kagarama that may be suitable for your desirable lifestyle within Kigali.

Street Photography;
Street photography is the easiest type of photography, even with no professionalism, one can’t fail to capture a moment from a nearby street.

Landscape photography;

In this photo, an area from Kicukiro district is shown. The spirit of being outdoors at such a time is one to yearn for.

Environmental photography;
The aim of this kind if photography is to show you how beautiful my everyday environment appears.

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