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Telling stories through photography

Portrait photography;

This is a portrait picture of my friend Emelyne as we were assigned to do an assignment in photo journalism, what came into my mind first was to capture her one portrait photo aimed to evoke empathy and human connection, transcending the boundaries of the visual medium to touch the hearts of viewers through  forging emotional connections, sharing her story ,evoking empathy and offering aesthetic beauty and leaving lasting impression.

Street photography;

This bustling street of Nyabugogo beckoned me, urging me to capture the essence of this vibrant neighborhood through my camera lens. In simple terms, I embarked on a street photography adventure in Nyabugogo to tell the unique story of this place, showcasing its lively culture, everyday experiences and dynamic energy that define it.

Wildlife photography;

This captivating photograph unexpectedly captured the essence of a locust, showcasing the intricate details and remarkable beauty of this often-misunderstood creature. Despite the challenges faced while taking the shot, the result turned out to be a mesmerizing portrayal, highlighting the delicate features and the mesmerizing patterns that adorn the locust’s body.

Food photography;

We all know that food is the best right??? But when it comes to fruits, with their vibrant colors, juicy textures and health benefits, fruits are not just delicious but also a feast for the eyes. So by choosing to capture these natural wonders, I  was celebrating the beauty of nature’s gifts ad also encouraging you to embrace a heath lifestyle.

Advertisement photography;

When we talk of advertisement, we also focus on the consumers of that advert and we want it to reach as far as possible for our businesses to reach as far as possible. So as I was walking near my campus, I saw this car adorned with eye catching advert and I directly said that this is going to be my subject because this powerful medium offers a unique blend of mobility, visibility and creative expression capturing the essence of modern advertising. By showcasing a car as a moving canvas, I highlight its potential as ad dynamic marketing tool reaching a wide audience on roads.

Landscape photography;

When I’m always at school, there is this gorgeous view that always catches my eye either during class or while at campus. The beauty of this view has become a part of my campus experience, offering tranquility and inspiration amidst the busy university through my photograph; I want to share this captivating landscape with others, inviting them to appreciate the natural beauty that surrounds our university.

In conclusion, my photography was mainly focusing on the beauty of our immediate surroundings at Mount Kenya University. Through various genres such as near campus landscape, the portrait of my friend in Mount Kenya garden and the wild life living peacefully in our trees, I aim to showcase the captivating aspects of our environment without having a travel so far.

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