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Every moment is amazing in its own shot: Go through different ranges of photography

Portrait Photography

At Gikondo, a male Jack Russell Terrie puppy looks so guiltless, this Monday, June 25th 2023 He misses lunch so he makes this face

Documentary Photography

 African homes, chores are almost the same, varying from cleaning dishes in morning hours, to making beds in the evening/night hours. In this documentary I have captured series of activities where a young lady Sarah is doing one of the essential house work namely “Food Preparation”

Gikondo Town, in Kigali on 25th June 2023, 19years old Sarah Ishimwe is happy  talking to her Boyfriend while coming from market. she reaches home and begin preparing food include Cabbages, Tomatoes and green Bananas. Immediately after making it, she takes all the recipes and mix them in one pan while on the heat. After some minutes she plates the food.

Street Photography

Recently, Youth do the best they can to earn some money. Near Kicukiro IPRC in Kigali City, People are used to take the accessible transport such as Bicycles.  ”This is our daily work, and I’m proud I do not beg at the road. I was driven deep in thoughts wondering why I’m not getting passengers, yet I want money for lunch” a  younger unnamed Bicyclist answered when I asked him what was on his mind. On Tuesday  15th June 2023  

Sport Photography

Inclusion for all, Disability is not inability. On 2nd May 2023 Ntwari, Plays sitting volleyball of people with Disabilities At Club Rafiki Nyamirambo

Landscape Photography

Rwanda is well known as country of thousand Hills. 10th June 2023, on the trip to Rubavu,a break,out of the car an individual captures the view of Nyabihu Hills

Still Photography

Kigali, Gacuriro’ on 25th June 2023,  From Top view to the whole building ,a Victory Villa Apartment and Hotel shows an elegance and assures stunning services.

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