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“Rising Star: The Remarkable Journey of MICO Isaac”

In the Rwandan football, few names shine as brightly as that of MICO Isaac. He is a remarkable Rwandan talent in football, he was born on February 16, 1996, in GICUMBI, Rwanda. Join us as we delve into the captivating story of MICO Isaac, a true footballer icon in Rwanda.

MICO’s journey into the Rwandan football began like many others in the region, on the rural streets of Gicumbi. His raw talent and unwavering dedication quickly set him apart, catching the eyes of scouts and coaches who recognized his potential. MICO’s rise to prominence began with academy of Gasogi united, one of Rwanda’s most illustrious clubs. At academy of Gasogi United, he honed his skills and helped the team secure numerous league titles. His exceptional midfield skills soon made him a famous name in Rwandan football. And now is a football player of IPRC team as a player of university he is studding in now.

MICO Isaac with our journalist Christopher during the interview.

Remember that individual’s interests and hobbies can vary widely, he continued to work hard and put in more effort like any player who wants to rise and do it professionally, but even though he continued to work hard he used to face some obstacles, Eric has been suffering because his family wanted him to study and become a doctor, but for him the dream was to become a professional football player, buy his family expect only his uncle, they felt that playing football would not be a profession that would make a living. But his uncle came to help him a lot because he helped his parents to understand it can be a career because he used to play too and he used to find opportunities for MICO Isaac in different places like in different teams. My uncle is the one in my family who fighted for me and he is also my role model who inspired me more to push more hard to reach to my dreams.

NKURUNZIZA Pacific the uncle of MICO Isaac who is now a player in RBA Team where we works.

After talking to MICO Isaac, it made us to talk to his uncle Pacific who gave us more information about the passion of Isaac, that he saw the MICO in his young ages. “he was a football-loving kid, probably at school, he played football and played with other kids and he is enthusiastic and he likes to tell everyone that he will be a great football player. What made me support him when his parents refused him to continue playing was because of the information I used to received from the coach of the school team where he studied and his classmates even his teammates. They used to use the word that he is very talented on the ball, which makes me feel that I will help him to reach his dream like his uncle” Pacific said.

Coach BIZIMANA Theogene in the action coaching the team.

“This guy I used to see often coming to the field, it makes me realize that he loves football and it is something he feels. One day, I invited him to the academy where I was training to come and train a lot with us, he accepted me and he became a valuable player in our academy team, because he made us achieve a lot as our team because of his passion. To tell you the truth, he did not like to lose and he liked to talk a lot, he used to approach me and ask me how a person can go far to become a professional and tried as much as possible to inspire other teammates” Coach BIZIMANA Theogene said.

Isaac concluded by thanking everyone who helped him to reach his destination and to give the advice to his fellow talented youth in his words: “Do what you love regardless of what you will achieve, you do it because you love it and you feel that will fed you, get there because what you love is what you do well”

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