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REG Rwanda shines in the Basketball Africa League

Players Ntore, Nshobozwa and Muhizi (in the left wise order) wearing REG Jerseys

In the heart of Africa, the basketball scene has been ignited with REG Rwanda’s remarkable performance in the Basketball Africa league (BAL) and continue to captivates us. With each game ,the team has displayed resilience, talent and spirit of true champions, leaving an indelible mark on the continent premier basketball competition.

Representing Rwanda’s national champion REG BBC entered the 2023 BAL season with high hopes and determination to prove their mettle on the international stage. led by their charismatic coach Dean Murray and fortified by a roster of gifted players, REG BBC set their sights on greatness.

point guard Adonis filer on the ground with Cleveland (left corner) and Graham (right corner) helping him get up

On the defining moments of REG BBC’s journey in the 2023 BAL was their sensational opening game against the formidable Zamalek of Egypt. Despite being the underdogs, The team showcased their prowess executing a thrilling comeback that sent shockwaves through the league. With the final score of 85-80 in favor of REG set the ton for their campaign , with fans witnessing a team that refused to be daunted by adversity.

The team strategizing with the coach

In an interview with KT Press, the former president of REG Iyakaremye Emmanuel said that they cannot settle for the least.

Throughout the tournament, the leadership of point guard Olivier shyaka, the scoring ability of forward Emery Vuningoma and the defensive prowess of the center Kami Kabange were instrumental in REG Rwanda’s success. Their chemistry and unselfish play on the court reflected the team’s cohesion and dedication to a common goal; the victory.

former key player and point guard Nshobozwa Wilson with his stats in the game against AS Douanes

As REG Rwanda continued to progress throught the BAL, they faced messy test from renowned African basketball powerhouses such as AS Douanes, Petro de Luanda and Rivers Hoopers. However the team’s unwavering belief in their abilities and attitude saw them secure a crucial spot in the playoffs.

In the playoffs , REG Rwanda’s journey reached its peak as they faced off against perennial contenders , showcasing their incredible growth and maturity on the ground . their remarkable run was a testament to the potential of Africcan basket ball and the determination of a team with a burning desire to succeed.

REG players posing for pictures in their jerseys

REG Rwanda’s performance in the 2023 Basketball Africa League was nothing short of extraordinary. They demonstrated that talent, hard work and teamwork can overcome any challenge. They left an indelible mark on the African basketball landscape, as they returned to Rwanda, they did so as Heroes, knowing that they’ve inspired a nation and continent with their remarkable performance in the BAL. The future looks bright for REG Rwanda as the world witnesses the rise of a new incredible basketball powerhouse on the African continent


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