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Reduce, Re-use, Recycle

Sorry Earth, we’ve heard your cry and we promise to do better!

For years, human inventions have been done carefree; technology advancement has been the order of the day in a bid to facilitate human daily activities: Not until mother nature; through climate change, cried out that we are now considering reparation.

Amends are being done through the production of eco-friendly products like electric vehicles. Unlike other innovations that only benefit man, these kind of cars are environment friendly as well.

Images of industry smoke and liquid waste and chemicals in the water we use

Electric cars require charging to move thus no fuel is used hence no pollution. This in addition to the skyrocketing prices of fuel is a great justice to man.

A picture of an electric car being charged

In Rwanda, NGO’s (Non Governmental Organizations) in partnership with Government bodies like REMA (Rwanda Environment Management Authority) supply eco-bags to businesses especially those dealing in consumption goods.

Eco-friendly consumer bags

Kimberly Nicole Yu a marketing associate at one of the NGO’s said the options consumers have will depend on what many businesses and companies have to offer.

Kimberly Nicole Yu- Marketing Associate, Asian eco-bag NGO in Rwanda

If no one produces eco-friendly products, the likelihood of consumers going out of their way to contribute in saving the environment is diminutive“, she remarks.

Whilst manufacturers are taking measures in protecting the environment, it is not enough to guarantee a total change. The process will be a hard and long term one but not IMPOSSIBLE!

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