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Redemption on the Pitch: RBC FC’s Spectacular Triumph Over MoD

In a thrilling showdown, Rwanda biomedical center (RBC) team orchestrated a remarkable 6-0 victory over the Ministry of Defense (MoD) team, redefining the essence of teamwork, determination, and sweet redemption.

Rwanda Biomedical center (RBC) team.

The stage was set for an epic battle on Friday,15th, September,2023 at Kicukiro Stadium, with fans brimming with anticipation. The match was scheduled to start at 9:30 a.m., but a minor delay ensued when some MoD players realized they had forgotten vital documents. The delay added to the fervor building in the crowd. At last, the game kicked off at 10:30 a.m., with both teams displaying unrelenting vigor. The RBC FC players, supported by their home advantage, harbored a burning desire for vengeance against their MoD counterparts.

Early in the game, striker Hussein capitalized on a brilliant assist from Irakoze Gabriel, striking the first goal that ignited the crowd’s jubilation. The tempo remained high, and soon after, Byamungu Abbas netted the second goal, courtesy of Shema Derick’s pinpoint pass. RBC FC was clearly dominating the match, leaving MoD trailing. The MoD team struggled in midfield, surrendering possession, and conceding the third goal as RBC FC capitalized on a brilliant pass. Hussein once again found the back of the net, marking his second goal of the match.

Ministry of Defense ( MoD) team.

The relentless pressure exerted by RBC FC resulted in numerous MoD mistakes. Irakoze Gabriel seized an opportunity and sent the ball into the net for the fourth time, this time with a header. The first half concluded with RBC FC firmly in control. The second half saw tactical changes from both sides, with coaches Hakizimana Patrick and Canja of MoD making strategic adjustments. However, it was RBC FC that benefitted from these changes, as Shema Derick scored two more goals, both set up by captain Byamungu Abbas.

In the closing moments, MoD had a chance to score a consolation goal with a penalty, but RBC FC’s goalkeeper, Faustino, made a remarkable save, preserving the clean sheet.

captain Byamungu Abbas with coach Hakizimana Patrick of RBC team.

After the game, Coach Hakizimana Patrick revealed the secret to their victory, saying, “In today’s game, we were highly motivated. We acknowledged our past mistakes and worked together to rectify them. Our preparation, including three friendly matches against Gorilla FC, Lions, and the Arsenal fan club, paid off. Our players executed our tactics flawlessly, and we’re ecstatic about today’s win.”

Captain Byamungu Abbas echoed the sentiment, emphasizing unity, coordination, and the desire for revenge that propelled them to victory. He expressed gratitude to the management for their unwavering support during tough times where in the last match, MOD managed to beat RBC team 2:1 and it was a game that took place in Busanza. He said, “Our determination and resilience led us to success”.

RBC FC’s president, Cyubahiro Beatius, shared his joy and promised continued support, saying, “Our goal is to win the cup again.”

Cyubahiro Beatius, RBC’s president.

In their next fixture, RBC FC would face WASAC, while MoD would host the Butare University Hospital (CHUB) team. The competition grew fiercer in the ongoing playoffs, but RBC FC had reestablished their dominance with an emphatic win, setting the stage for an exciting journey ahead.

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