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Rayon Sports’ Star Players Have Returned with Atonement

In a significant turn of events for Rayon Sports, two key players, Youssef Rahab and Eidi M. Mugadam, have made triumphant returns after injuries. This news comes as the team is passionately pursuing qualification in the CAF Confederation Cup 2023-2024 under their ambitious “Road to Our Dreams” campaign.

Last time the team announced that Youssef Rahab was sidelined due to an injury sustained during a match against Kiyovu Sports, where he delivered a remarkable performance with three goals, albeit in vain. Simultaneously, Eidi M. Mugadam was nursing an injury obtained during training before a crucial match against Alhilal Benghazi, which concluded in a 1-1 draw.

Rayon sport’s team.

It’s been a challenging journey, but I’m thrilled to be back and ready to support our quest for success in the 2023-2024 CAF Confederation Cup. The team’s ‘Road to Our Dreams’ campaign is more than just a slogan; it’s our shared aspiration. I can’t wait to be part of the action and give my all for Rayon Sports. Said Eidi M. Mugadam

Eidi M. Mugadam, Rayon sport’ player

Returning to training after my injury is a moment of pure joy for me. I’m eager to contribute to our ‘Road to Our Dreams’ in the CAF Confederation Cup. The team and the fans have been incredibly supportive, and I want to repay that faith with my performance on the field. Said Youssuf Rahab

Youssuf Rahab Rayon sport’s player

Talking to Rayon Sports’ captain, Abdul Rwatubyaye, he expressed his optimism and underlined the increased team spirit : “The joy in the team will only increase because we are professional players and remain committed to achieving our team’s goals.”

Abdul Rwatubyaye, the captain of rayon sport

Due to unfavorable weather conditions in Libya, the next two matches have been relocated to Kigali, Rwanda. The upcoming match was slated for September 30, 2023, at 8:00 p.m. at Kigali Pele Stadium. This match was expected to be a defining moment in Rayon Sports’ journey.

As the team strives to attain their objectives with rekindled determination, fans eagerly anticipate their comeback, and the “Road to Our Dreams” appears more promising than ever.

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