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Photography is the art

Photography is the art, science, and practice of capturing and recording images using light or other electromagnetic radiation. It involves using a camera or other light-sensitive device to create permanent or temporary visual representations of subjects or scenes.

Photography is not limited to just capturing still images; it can also involve recording moving images, known as videography or cinematography. Photographs can be taken using a variety of techniques, such as digital cameras, film cameras, or even smartphones.
Here is some types:

Portrait Photography

Documentary Photography

A young man in a yellow jersey is sitting near the street of Kigali, Looking somehow confused and It seems like he had a bad day. He has a small bottle of juice holding it in hand, his thoughts are many. Even tho, he is confused he still hopes that tomorrow life won’t be the same

Look at the smile! Sometimes all you need is to have faith, and believe that life can be changed. His face is happy now, the thoughts become positive and He is enjoying his favorite juice.

Landscape photography

Street Photography

Still Photography

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