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Olympic game qualifiers: Uganda’s crested cranes draw with Rwanda’s She Amavubi

Photos by Shema Innocent and Gatsinzi Dan

In a match played at Kigali Pele stadium in Nyamirambo on Wednesday 12th, July, 2023, the Uganda women’s national team(Crested cranes) faced Rwanda’s women national team(she Amavubi) as both teams try to pave their way into the ‘Olympic games qualifiers’ that will be played in Paris-France in 2024.

The match kicked off at exactly 4:00pm and by the 34th minute in to the game, Rwanda’s ‘She Amavubi’ scored their first goal courtsey of Mukahirwa Providence.

Rwanda’s goal stirred up the ‘Crested cranes’ spirit that eleven minutes later, Nyinagahirwa Shakira scored for the team leading to a draw by the end of the first half.

In the second half, the ‘Crested cranes’ earned themselves a penalty which saw Nassuna Hasifah score a second goal for the team.

The victory was however short lived as ‘She Amavubi’s’ Nibagwire Libelle scored the second goal for her team.

Determined to win the game at all costs since they were hosting Rwanda, the ‘Crested cranes’ through Ikwaput Fauzia scored their third goal.

However, Rwanda’s ‘She Amavubi’ was also not ready to be the ‘losers’ at their own stadium and thus, thanks to Zawadi Usanase, decided that the game ends on a draw(3-3).

Speaking to the press, Uganda’s head coach-Ayubu Khalifa Kiyingi admitted that, ‘it was a good game but hard at the same time, ‘She Amavubi’ is a very strong and good team, my girls will have to work hard to win the second leg”.

Grace Nyinawumuntu: ‘She Amavubi’ coach on how her team performed said, ” I analysed the weakness and strength of the Ugandan team hence, prepared well. I taught the players to have great team work and we are ready for the second leg”.

Uganda(crested cranes) and Rwanda(She Amavubi) will face each other again on Sunday 16th, July, 2023 at Kigali Pele stadium in Nyamirambo for the second leg.

Uganda’s women football team(crested cranes)
Rwanda’s women national football team-She Amavubi
Nibagwire Libelle- She Amavubi player who scored the second goal
Nassuna Hasifah(Number 10) celebrating with her team mate after scoring a second goal for ‘Crested cranes’.
Nyinawumuntu Grace- She Amavubi head coach.
Mukahirwa Providence(front) celebrating her first goal

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