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My mom says I can be a leader and so I will be-Uwimana Jean Jacques: aspiring candidate for MKUR social welfare position

Forget @Lindsey Deep’s quote that “Being the youngest child is fun and all that until you try to grow up and your mom won’t let you”. Jean Jacques’s mom is the inspiration behind his passion to run for Social Welfare Minister at Mount Kenya University Rwanda an act only adults can do. Aged 21 years and last born of two, Jean was born in the Northern Province of Rwanda from where he also attended his education.

After completion of his secondary school at Rwesero minor seminary in 2019, he got a job in a SACCO but unfortunately there was a break out of COVID-19 and he was laid off. Jean never let that setback affect him as he started a business of selling clothes from which he got money and joined Photography and filming then later Mount Kenya University Rwanda where he is pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in BSCN (Bachelor of Science in Nursing) in the fifth semester.

Inspired by his mom (also his role model) who has always told him that he’s capable of being a leader; together with his empathetic personality and love for fellow human beings, Jean Jacques believes he is competent to be the Social Welfare Minister of MKUR. Once voted into office, he promises to promote health care, social security, and good living for every student.

According to him, the students of MKUR are neither happy nor healthy and to change that, the chatty humble gentleman wants to advocate for the vulnerable students through programs such as scholarships, providing proper frameworks for reporting and dealing with gender based violence as well as promoting cultural diversity through extra curriculum activities.

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