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My friends helped market my liquor store

Gone are the days when drinking wine was almost a ‘taboo’ in the African community.

Thanks to education, exposure and change in ‘times’ of course, the drink is now a delicacy if not a ‘must have’ for many, it is also a source of employment and income to those who sell it.

Through helping out her mom in the bar during school breaks, is how the founder of ‘The Wine Guys’ a liquor store in Gikondo picked interest in the business and later ventured into in 2019.

Unlike the mom, she wanted to deal in something that is not purely alcohol but loved by the people.

Since she was still young and had just graduated from school, the mom bought his idea and gave him the starting capital.

Now in business for almost four years, she can’t help but thank her friends for the success.

My friends helped market my business because every time they came, they made it a point to bring one or two people along with them and like that, my shop got known“.

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