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MKUR students to go to the polls

Christians and all those who believe in God and his son Jesus Christ very well know that all leadership comes from God (Romans 13:1). Although this is the case, God never comes off his heavenly seat to perform this duty, he instead uses his stewards to play the role and thus through the office of the Dean of students at Mount Kenya University Rwanda: following the MKUR 18 statute and established MKUSA (Mount Kenya University Students Association, the students are to democratically elect their leaders in the offices of:
*Guild president
*Vice Guild president
*Sports minister
*Academic affairs minister
*Finance minister
*International students Representative.
Interested applicants submitted their application forms with 2 passport photos, a copy of their national ID/Passport, a copy of their students ID, and that of their academic transcripts among others and after a process of careful vetting by the school electoral commission, the following students were given a go ahead to campaign for office as per their desired posts.

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