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If you dream it, you can achieve it

Ever since she was little, Muna Kelechi had an incredible passion for fashion, she would spend hours creating doll clothes and dreaming about starting her own clothing business.

When she earned her degree in fashion, Muna started working as an assistant designer for a fashion firm near her home.

Although her job was paying well and she enjoyed it, Muna still dreamt of making her own designs and launching her own clothing line.

In her free time while at her city apartment’s studio space, Muna begun to work on her debut collection. She laboriously designed, drew and sewed prototypes for days that she took to a few neighborhood boutiques.

They all rejected her ideas but the determined young lady persisted nevertheless. Months later, one modest boutique owner was impressed by her designs and consented to display them in her establishment.

Muna is now the brains behind ‘kelechi creations’ a clothing line that concentrates on coming up with original designs using eco-friendly materials and making clothes in an ‘ethical’ manner.

Designs by Muna Kelechi

She has gained huge popularity among the local populace, gained requests from other boutiques to design clothes for them as well as relocating to a bigger office and increasing her staff as the company continues to flourish.

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