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Iconically beautiful photographs by Rukitanga Danny

What you are about to see and experience are some of the images I took with my heart and mind in one place.

Life is like a camera, focus on what’s right and important and there you can capture whatever comes to your mind.

Environmental Photography;

Environmental photography, when different photographers practice this one.

mainly their  aim is to bring out beauty of a certain environment and different characters that make it. all in it is that it brings out space and shows how an environment is real.

Street Photography;

Wake up and get your camera,

find a street and just take a picture without anyone’s notice, there you will have got yourself a street photo type as seen above.


Real-Estate photography;

Are you a business man or woman?

Are you trying to find your dream house for you and your family? Well, this type of photography is your answer to ensure your best  choice.

Portrait Photography;

This is a Portrait photo of Kabushubi Tonny,

This was to bring out the best background and show his story.

Landscape Photography;

This image clearly brings the spirit of outdoors, when you sense something, you see it.

Be people, trees,roads,buildings and so on.

It commonly involves daylight photography.

Advertisement Photography;

X-Plan is a restaurant and bar this is their advertisement outdoor.

This was taken in order to show what advertisement should look like.

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