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“I swim for fun”; MKUR’s CB tells his swimming drive

Half a loaf is better than none….Author unknown: While majority of the students at Mount Kenya University Rwanda shunned the swimming competitions that were organized on 9th August, 2022 in the name of “we are busy”, “we don’t know how to swim”, and lots of other excuses, the event was still braced by those who value their health and have great passion for the sport. Among these was Claude Bernard Nsabimana aka CB the sports minister at the university.

CB not only organized the event, but he also took part in the competition where he ended up winning two medals (50 meters breast stroke and 100 meters breast stroke). Him being “the man of the day” at the event pushed the magazine editor to have an in-depth chat with him about his love for swimming.

Claude Bernard Nsabimana aka CB

Inspired by his friends “Igor and Cedric” who were also his first swimming teachers, Claude started swimming in 2019 when he joined Mount Kenya University Rwanda. Unfortunately, just months after he had discovered his new hobby, the pandemic (COVID-19) kicked in which meant him taking a 2 years break from the sport as the school swimming pool where he used to swim from was out of bound. This however didn’t stop him because as soon as the pool was accessible again, he took off from where he had stopped.

The 23 year old who has been pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree of Science in Nursing (BSCN):now doing his research project was born in southern province Butare, Huye district where he was raised and studied. Growing up, CB played a lot of football that he thought he will be a professional football player when he grows up; this passion however died out when he joined secondary school for reasons he also can’t figure out. CB who is the eldest with two brothers and one sister not only does swimming as a sport, but also plays volleyball and works out. When asked why he is so much into sports, CB said he loves his body so much so he has to take good care of it. Besides winning medals, CB said he has made a lot of friends in and outside Mount Kenya University because of swimming and so doesn’t regret ever joining the sport.

Surprisingly, despite the love CB has for swimming, he doesn’t look at the sport as one he could make a career out of. The out going minister of sports at MKUR who has been studying while doing a part time job (work place with held) says he can only teach those who want to learn how to swim but not make the sport a career. “At first I wanted to be a Doctor and it didn’t work out that’s why I joined nursing, my passion lies there and that’s where I want my career to come from”.

CB (second right) and his swimming mates.

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