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Get Ready to Roll and Rally: Wheelchair Volleyball and Basketball takes the court in style!

Sure thing! So, wheelchair volleyball is a super cool sport that was specifically designed for people with physical disabilities. It’s played on a regular volleyball court, but with a few adaptations. Instead of standing, players use wheelchairs to move around the court and hit the ball. The rules are pretty similar to regular volleyball, but there are a few modifications to make it more accessible and fair for everyone. It’s an inclusive and exciting game that showcases the skills, teamwork, and determination of the players. Give it a try if you get the chance!

On a little short history of wheelchair volleyball is that Wheelchair volleyball was first played in the 1950s as a recreational activity for injured World War II veterans. It quickly gained popularity and became an official Paralympic sport in 1980. Today, it’s played by athletes with disabilities worldwide, showcasing skill, teamwork, and the power of determination.

On 16th September 2023 we have paid a visit in Bugesera stadium where many people are being training themselves on different games or you can say different sport but for us we have given a chance to talk to some of wheelchair volleyball players they are so amazing . You can ask yourself does people with disabilities play any sports, yeah it’s possible that they can play.

On right side there’s captain Mohmad on left side there is nurse Aimable and then between them there is Agape a journalist in MKUR Magazine

“My name is Aimable and I am the doctor of the disabled volleyball team, and I have been in this job for 8 years, what motivates me to do this job is that they are my friends and I live with disability also” said nurse Aimable the one who is treating the Wheelchair volleyball players of Bugesera. He also told us about the challenges he faces in his daily career, where they found the medicine for the players are not enough for all the players.

Nurse Aimable having the conversation with our MKUR journalist.

We also had a chance to talk to captain of wheelchair volleyball club in Bugesera. He have shared us a lot of basic information on wheelchair volleyball sport, we also asked him some questions like if he has been asked what other players considered to make him captain of their team and he said is because they believed in him that his is capable to lead them. We also asked him does he play wheelchair volleyball as a career of for enjoyment, he replied that he plays as a career cause he benefits more from it through financially and physically fits.

Captain Mohmad explaining more about the game that it is also a career to him because of more benefits he got from the game.

Captain Mohmad is also a student in IPRC Kicukiro running about Environmental management course. He gets a lot of time to play and also to study. He started playing wheelchair volleyball in his holidays when he was in secondary and after finishing his secondary school, he joined wheelchair volleyball club in Bugesera district.

Reaching to an end, he was asked some challenges they meet as the wheelchair volleyball players and he replied that lack of wheelchairs is the most challenge they face most of the time. we also asked him to give an advice to everyone and he said that the advice I can give is that “Stay focused, communicate with your teammates, and never underestimate the power of teamwork. Go for it don’t even loose hope cause you’re capable of everything being disabled for something doesn’t limits you for anything, Thank you”.

Darius UWUMUKIZA is a Rwandan chair basketball player who told us more about the game.

Darius UWUMUKIZA, he is a Rwandan Chair Basketball Player with walking disability in Bugesera Basketball Club. Darius is 23 years old, he is a student in East African University Compass, the one of international universities in Rwanda in arts department . He has started his career in 2019, since this year there was many  consequences he had faced like people’s understanding as these people with disabilities who are likely to be whispered by others that they aren’t able to do anything. As we continued to talk, he told me how he faced many challenges were many individuals used to discharge him but he didn’t think about people’s opinions but he continued to be committed and work hard and he follow his dreams.

He told me that basketball changed his life where he get source of income. “So the thing that I can tell people is that they shouldn’t discourage others with disabilities or laugh at them instead they should encourage them to fight and work hard and have a better life” Darius UWUMUKIZA said.

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