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“From zero to hero what an inspiring story of NSHOBOZWABYOSENUMUKIZA Wilson”

Basketball is a game played between two teams of five players in which goals are scored when throwing a ball through netted hoop fixed at each end of the court. This is the best game that Wilson took like career and enjoy it with more experience from different competitions he participate in. NSHOBOZWABYOSENUMUKIZA Wilson one of the most influential players in Rwanda and one of the most respected player in the country because of his best performance in the pitch which made him even MVP (Most Valuable Player) of this in the Rwandan Basketball Championship.

We had a little conversation with him, where he shared his experience and tell us about his professional journey, the challenges and what made him who he is now. He told me about his goals and how he cooperates with his teammate with honest and hardworking.

NSHOBOZWABYOSENUMUKIZA Wilson during the competition playing hard to secure the win of his team.

 His journey in Basketball started when we was playing in 2010 where he was in primary school and he was committed and focused n the game by giving all he had because he wanted to became a better player as a dream of every person who what to become a player. “Becoming MVP was my dream of all the time and because of God and my Teammates, I was able this year to reach to my dreams” Wilson said with his own words thanking every support to reach some of his dreams.

NSHOBOZWABYOSENUMUKIZA Wilson taking his MVP trophy for his best performance in 2023 championship.

He continued his journey where he was playing in Espoir since 2018 and REG since 2019 up to 2022 and now he is playing in APR Basketball Team where he also got his MVP as we continue the discussing, he told us that he was inspired buy Arstide, Ally KAZIGUFU and Hamza who played in the national team of Rwanda. “If you love the game you should focus, play and work hard so that you achieve what you want in life” Wilson said.

NSHOBOZWABYOSENUMUKIZA Wilson having fun with his fans next him on the left side there is NGARAMBE Richard.

NGARAMBE Richard, he is a big fan of Wilson and very inspired with his performance. “I like how he is sociable to many people, he is encouraging many people, and he loves the game. For sure he is a professional! We use to play on the same pitch when he is home we are neighbors” said Richard. He continued telling us Wilson is struggling finding opportunities to many people. “When we are playing and he find out that you are very talented, he use to call everywhere to give you an opportunity to reach to your dreams, he is a real kind person” Richard continuing to tell us how he is highly inspired by Wilsons actions both around the society and as well as in the pitch.

Henry MWENUKA in the game coaching, next him there is NSHOBOZWABYOSENUMUKIZA Wilson in REG Basketball Team.

We had also a chance to talk to one of the coaches Henry MWINUKA, who used to train Wilson in REG Basketball Team and told us more about the guy. He told us how good player he is, how he used to be focused and hardworking. “He likes to help others, he doesn’t miss any training or any match even when he was facing few problems, he was always there. He used to know the field, he learned a lot and he didn’t want to hear anyone who lose hope from his courages who were playing with him” Henry Mwinuka said.

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