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FIBA AfroCan 2023: Morocco emerges as champions

July, 16th, 2023, will forever be etched in African Basketball history as Morocco won the FIBA AfroCan 2023 finals.

Morrocco beat Ivory Coast 78-76points in an increadible and top-level match at Arena de Kilamba which once again confirms the victory and dominance of first half finals in competition.

Both teams showed exceptional determination throughout the encounter, however, Morrocco’s giants and first half finals first favorite showed more superiority from the start of the game, where they were leading the third quarter 57-49.

All through, Ivory Coast was under pressure which might have caused their loss, after the defeat having showcased an incredible performance throughout the games and yet he missed his ‘first trophy’.

Morocco becomes the new champion of FIBA AfroCan walking away with a Gold medal and trophy while Ivory coast bagged Silver medals.

Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) precedes Morocco as FIBA AfroCan champions after beating Kenya during FIBA AfroCan 2019, in Bamako-Mali.

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