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Etoile de l’Est Fc’s victory over Mukura Fc

At Butare stadium, on 6 October,2023 on a sunny Friday afternoon, the stage was set for an enthralling clash between Etoile de l’Est and Mukura Fc. and the match was scheduled to start at 3:00 p.m. and the fans knew they were in for an unforgettable match. Etoile de l’Est plays its home matches at Butare Stadium, which is located in Huye district. This stadium serves as the home ground for the team, providing a place for both players and fans to come together to support their club.

Etoile de l’Est Fc

Mukura Victory Sports, commonly known as Mukura FC, is a prominent football club based in Rwanda. The club plays its home which is located in the town of Muhanga district in the Southern Province. This stadium serves as the home ground for Mukura FC.

Mukura Fc

The match between the both sides was full of strategies, and courage among them although, Etoile de l’Est show their hardworking and their ambitious to get the victory, it executed its strategies and tactics to perfection, scoring a 1-1Mukura Fc. While there’s always room for improvement because it didn’t take a long time to get second score 2-1 and the match end.

“I am really happy with our performance as a team. We worked hard, and it showed on the pitch. The fans’ incredible support was vital in motivating us, and this victory was truly beautiful. Of course, there are always aspects to improve, but overall, I’m proud of our performance and confident for the future,” Nicodème expressed with a smile

Nicodème Nziengui koumba, Etoile de l’Est player

“The match between my team and Mukura was a very interesting match. I am very proud of my team because they worked hard and showed excellent team spirit. We executed our strategy and tactics to perfection.” said Maurice Nshimiyimana, Coach of Etoile de l’Est

Maurice Nshimiyimana, Coach of Etoile de l’Est

for the side of fans we saw their emotional happiness on their faces and the way they expressed it. one of them called Sangave from Gabon but currently live in Rwanda said; “The players played with such passion, determination, and team spirit that I can only be proud to be their supporter. I’m convinced that our team has a bright future, and I will always support them, regardless of the result. Come on, we are the greatest, and this match is proof of that,” he exclaimed, echoing the joy of every fan.

Sangave, Etoile de l’Est fan

Etoile de l’Est, a club teeming with dynamism and remarkable team spirit, showed its mettle on that memorable day. The fans, the players, and the coach were all united in their pursuit of victory. With such a collective spirit, they are bound for a successful season ahead.

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