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Embrace the power of walking , step up your fitness game

Walking is not only a sport but also a way to stay fit, active and it portrays numerous benefits for both physical and mental well-being even though debates  whether it fills in as sports has for long disturbed many where some tend to believe that a sport is only based on energy consuming activities like running or even playing games like football to mention but a few.

“I can’t run, I fear swimming, my daily schedule is too tight for gym sessions but I usually spare 40 minutes for a walk every day while returning from work,”says Phionah Murekatete, a resident from Gasabo district.

She also adds that the tradition of sports is diverse, claiming that people should acknowledge the different notions of sports, given they come in different kinds, mentioning that a sport can be more than just a physical activity.

Notably, there are several kinds of walking that include race walking,power walking, nordic walking to mention but a few.

Ngabo, a fitness trainer by profession highlights the various benefits of walking as an exercise explaining that it improves cardiac health,alleviates depression and fatigue, creates less stress on joints and reduces pain just like the other kinds of sports.

“Walking also contributes towards prevention of weight gain increasing body stability,” he adds.

Walking is not just a sport, it is a lifestyle, simple yet effective as it improves one’s fitness and has various benefits.

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