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“Developing Rwandan Youth Basketball Players to Professionals”

Basketball is a game played between two teams of five players in which goals are scored by throwing a ball through a netted hoop fixed at each end of the court. In Kigali we had conversations with different players who play for the team called MIGRATION BASKETBALL TEAM, and one of them is UWASE Olivier a 27 years. He told us more about his time in sports, how is working hard and committed about his career.

UWASE Olivier during the match trying hard to secure the winning of his team.

Nevertheless, this guy plays on number 2 in this field, whereby he said more about his journey in playing basketball that he was motivated by a player who plays in NBA known as Lebron James. By then the dream of becoming a basketball player exploded more and more when he was in high school, he studied his ORDINARY LEVEL at BYIMANA secondary school and continued his ADVANCED LEVEL at MARIE MERCI located in KIBEHO and later on he attained university of Rwanda.

While interviewing him, he said more about the challenges he faced to get to professional level to play in the team like transport to reach at the pitch because it required him a long distance according to where he lived. And he also give thanks to different coaches who trained him, “I am very thankful to the coach called MUTOKAMBALI the one who tried give me more courage and providing more opportunities to reach where I am right now” Olivier using his own words to appreciate different opportunities he got.

NTAWUTARAMA Deborah one of the youngest girl in the rising girls in Rwandan basketball

We also had conversation with a young girl named NTAWUTARAMA Deborah, she actually finished high school this year 2023, at Lycée de Kigali (LDK), one of the known school in Rwanda developing different talents in sports because of good performance in different high school competitions. This was a big opportunity for her to get a chance to come up with best performance in the international competitions on her young age.

NTAWUTARAMA Deborah with her team “THE HOOPS”

She is now playing in a team called “THE HOOPS”, whereby she plays as a pivot of the team, she continuously tell us about how it’s not that easy to take all the responsibilities as a captain in her team because it’s not easy to bring back together all people in a way of reconciliation among the team but she does her best to make it possible in order to maintain the courage of doing a team work to reach at another high level in this career and she talked about how they had a chance to have a good, hardworking and intelligent coach who motivates them to reach very far. This Young lady who says she still has a feeling that she will reach at another high level in her career by the help and courageous and inspiration of her coach called “MOISE MUTOKAMBALI” a National basketball coach since ” since July 2009″.

Moise MUTOKAMBALI, Rwanda National Team coach in the action

After talking to those youths mentioning MUTOKAMBALI, this made us to find an opportunity to talk to Moise MUTOKAMBALI, where he shared with us his experience and told us how he is enjoying developing Rwandan youths into professionals and they get the teams that even pay them and they start to play as career. Moise MUTOKAMBALI is the one training national team as well as THE HOOPS RWANDA BASKETBAL ACADEMY. He is made of over 15 years of experience in coaching and technical matters.

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