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Building a Green Rwanda through E-waste management-Enviroserve

For survival and growth, every living creature depends on the environment. Knowing this, Enviroserve Rwanda devised means to protect and secure the environment through electronic waste recycling (E-waste recycling).

Enviroserve Rwanda Green park is a private company dedicated to electronic and electrical waste recycling, green growth and the circular economy with the aim of benefiting the environment while making the world a safer and less harmful place to live in.

The principle of a circular economy is to put all waste to use again. E-waste is often looked at as a problem but as we have demonstrated, it is also a resource. If we all just put a little more effort into waste management, we could achieve great things“, Olivier Mbera-country manager of Enviroserve Rwanda.

Olivier Mbera- Country general manager for Enviroserve Rwanda

Rwanda is among the few countries that have an electronic policy and regulations and is second in Africa to have a-state-of-the-art E-waste dismantling and recycling facility with a license by the Rwanda Utilities Regulatory Authority (RURA).

The ministry of Trade and Industry authorized Enviroserve Rwanda to free-of-charge collect all types of e-waste government organizations and when private companies give their e-waste materials to Enviroserve, they not only contribute to the protection of the environment and human life but also earn income from selling e-waste materials on top of getting certificates.

Our main focus is collecting electronic and electrical materials although we can also collect other kinds of waste in a bid to preserve an eco-friendly environment protecting human life“, Rukundo a worker at the park stated.

Rukundo a worker at Enviroserve Rwanda

With a mission to build a ‘Green Rwanda’ through sustainable E-waste management, Enviroserve Rwanda has for the past years created 600 green jobs, refurbished 7,060 computers, collected 3,611 tones of e-waste (715 tons for solar), dismantled 3,300 tons of e-waste, and mitigated 2,145 tons of carbon dioxide.

We are focused on increasing not only the number of collection center to 30 this year, but also raising awareness amongst the general public about where they can responsibly dispose off their e-waste“, Olivier Mbera- country general manager for Enviroserve.

There’s no Planet B, there’s only Earth therefore human beings must do everything to conserve the environment.

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