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Beauty through the lens

Photography comes in various ways and the following are some of them.

Portrait photography

I took this picture when I was with my friend Esther at school (Mount Kenya) we were seat at the garden and I asked her to let me take a photo of her just as a memory and to show the depth of the photo, the reason why she hold a flower in her daily life she likes the flower, that’s why I asked her to hold it and also I want to express the happiness of flower through this picture, because of the flower Esther was very happy.

2. Land scape photography

When I took this picture I was seat alone in a classroom in 3rd floor (Mount Kenya) because I like the view then I watched how the sun set and then I said that “this picture might be better if I take it as land scape photo and then I decided to take a camera and take it because I loved how the sun was setting, and also because of the view of that forest and mountain.

3. Still life photography (food)

As this type of photograph shown different object, I decided to focus on food  I was at Nyabugogo ( Mutangana Market) and I saw someone who selling vegetables and fruits, I saw how  beautiful it looked, and I wanted to take a picture of it, that’s when I took this amazing picture these vegetables as food photography.

4. Street photography

 I was walking on the road at Remera and I was looking at how people were doing there different jobs, others walking on foot, and I saw that I could take a good photo that’s when I took that picture in order to tell a story of different movements that are on that street.

5. Wild life photography

I was seat under the tree and then I saw a bird, when I saw it I liked how it was flying in the tree, and I thought I would take a picture of it, it was very difficult for me because it took me more than ten minutes to see it standing in one place, after a long time I got the chance to find it standing in one place that’s when I took this beautiful photo.

6. Fashion Photography

Fashion is the popular style or trend in clothing, accessories, footwear, make up, hairstyle, and overall appearance that is prevalent within a particular culture or a society at a given time.

Here I decided to focus on foot wear, I took this  photos to show the beauty of the fashion, especially this one of a girl wearing sandals, I wanted to show how sandals are very beautiful shoes that make girls look good.

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