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BAL Playoffs: Egypt’s Al Ahyl 2023 champions

May 27th, 2023 will forever be etched in African Basketball history as Al Ahly won the Basketball Africa League finals.

Al Ahyl beat Senegal’s AS Douanes 80-65 points in an incredible and top level match at BK Arena which once again confirms the victory and dominance of Nile Conference in this competition.

Both teams showed exceptional determination throughout the encounter, however, Egyptian’s giants and Nile conference favorites ‘Al Ahyl’ showed more superiority from the start of the game; where they were leading the half quarter 38-33.

All through to the third quarter, they were still leading with 63-46 putting AS Douanes under pressure which might have caused their loss.

AS Douane’s loss marks a broken dream not only for ‘BAL coach of the year’-Mamadou Gueye, but also Jean Jacques Boissy who couldn’t hold back his tears after the defeat having showcased an incredible performance through out the games and yet he missed his ‘first trophy’.

Since the league’s inception, teams from the Nile conference have consistently reached the final stages and won multiples titles.

Al Ahly becomes the new champion of BAL, after US Monastir from Tunisia who won BAL 2022(season 2) and Zamalek from Egypt the eldest winner of BAL in first season 2021.

Al Ahly is also the first team from Egypt with; 8 trophies of different championships: 4 of them for this year, the Most Valuable Player (MVP) 2023(Anunwa Omot who is also the top Scorer).

Stade Malien’s Aliou Diarra was able to walk away with defensive player of the year.

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