Students from MKUR, UR trained in TV production and Environmental Reporting

When it comes to reporting, most youth in the journalism industry tend to focus on entertainment, lifestyle, sports, and technology, and not environmental reporting despite its crucial nature. From March 10th to 17th, Rwanda Media Program, in collaboration with FOJO media Institute gathered twenty students from Mount Kigali University Rwanda (MKUR) and University of Rwanda […]

Healing the Unseen Wounds: Rwanda’s Duty to Children Born from Genocidal Rape

Photo: Courtesy Literally, everyone might be aware of the very painful tragedy that lies in the heart of Rwanda’s history, a hard story to narrate, as it triggers the collective memory of its people. The 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi which left scars that run deep, wounds that still bleed decades later. Among the countless […]

Telling stories with just lens

There’s beauty in photography, mainly because of its diverse nature. Each photo tells its unique story. Feed your eyes with these different types of pictures. All the takes were captured by yours truly, Jeannette Kawera also known as Kajette, with an aim to showcase various types of photography with the story that goes with each […]

Can a football player have another career outside the playground?

Many people think that being in a certain sport as a player is a career that can’t permit you to have any other thing to partake in. However, being multitalented is never prohibited and yes, a sports person/player can have some other careers outside the playground. Lionel Ndizeye, aka Lionel Sentore is a Rwandan football […]